Frequently Asked Questions

When do we meet?

Every two weeks on Wednesdays for one hour. The speakers select one of three times: 00:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC, and 17:00 UTC, to allow people from different places to be able to join and engage in discussion. Click on each time to see time zone conversions to your area (and note the possible dateline change – for some time zones, it may be Tuesday or Thursday!).

Where do we meet?

On Zoom! In order to avoid zoom-bombing, we will send the Zoom link through email. We use a mailing list to announce all events and send the links for talks. To ensure Zoom capacity does not preclude anyone from participating (nor a late decision to join), we also live-stream talks on Youtube.

How do I join the mailing list?

Register here or send an email to subscribe (subject and body are discarded, all that matters is the mail-to email). If you subscribe by email, you will then receive a confirmation email with a link to click to finish the process!

What does a talk look like?

Every talk will take place over one hour, though each speaker will decide how to balance talk and discussion during this time.

Who are our speakers?

NLP with Friends is at its heart a student seminar, so all of our speakers are people working towards an academic degree (students affiliated with an academic institution, predoctoral fellows or research interns) at the time of giving their talk.

Who’s speaking next?

Check out our upcoming speakers list!

Are the seminars recorded?

Yes! But just the talks themselves (and any questions asked during the presentation) will be recorded. The Q&A and discussions following talks will not be recorded, in order to encourage discussion and remove hesitations about question-asking. Recorded talks can be found here.1 Or, check out the Past section to find a specific talk.

1 Recordings of talks that contain content that is under anonymity periods will be released once the anonymity period concludes.

Is there a code of conduct? How will zoom-bombing or other misbehavior be handled?

Yes! See our community guidelines.