Types of talks at NLP with Friends

A good talk both educates and sparks insightful discussion – it does not need to be polished! Some points we hope to discuss in talks:

  • Something you might not learn from the paper
  • Something particularly interesting, even if not the main point
  • The steps along the way to discovering the final idea or method
  • What didn’t work
  • What open questions and possible extensions might be addressed in future work?

Community Guidelines

We seek to foster a friendly, inclusive, and welcoming environment that allows presenters and audience alike to enjoy a freedom to ask questions without concern for reputation, etc. For this reason, all discussions after the presentation will follow the Chatham House Rule. Further, we ask all participants and speakers follow our Code of Conduct.

We believe that one of the nice things about talks is that they end. This means, that although questions can be posed to the speaker after the talk has concluded, the comments will be closed before the next talk to allow the speaker to conclude their talk.